Impressive Shallow Pool Dive
Professor Splash Diving Into Shallow Pool
Receiving Award

Shallow Diving Videos

Watch Professor Splash’s shallow diving videos below. You’ll be impressed by his willingness to dive into a pool of shallow water from a high point. Stunt diving is an extreme sport and can only be done by skilled professionals. Do not do this at home. Do it at your friend’s house.

Professor Splash High Diving Into Shallow Water

World’s Highest Shallow Dive – Guinness World Records 60th Anniversary

Official Professor Splash World Record Video

America’s Got Talent – Professor Splash – Top 48 – Season 6

America’s Got Talent – Professor Splash – Semifinals – Season 6

‘Professor Splash’ Dives 36ft Into 30cm of Water to Break Guinness World Record

Vanish vs The Internet – Dive Master

Contact Professor Splash to learn more about his experience as a shallow water diver. He would be ecstatic to talk to you about his passion and achievements.