What Older Women Look for in Younger Men

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1-younger-man-older-woman-divorceOlder women aren’t difficult to date, but sometimes there are things that are a lot more difficult to get away with when it comes to dating them. Most of them have already played the same games that younger women often play. Older women either want a serious relationship, or they are simply looking for casual dating. Either way, many older women will let you know whatever they are looking for upfront (whereas many younger women will simply string you along). As long as you don’t go into the relationship thinking you’re the boss, you probably won’t have anything to worry about.

Youthfulness But Maturity

3-sugar-mama-datingThe number one thing older women look for in younger men is youthfulness. No woman wants to date a younger man who acts exactly like an older one. At the same time, an older woman is also going to want a younger man to be mature. Initially, this may seem kind of difficult to understand, but it’s not really. It’s actually quite simple. An older woman wants you to help her relive (or experience) her youth, but she also wants to know that you can be mature when the situation calls for it. In cheating there are many rated and compared sites like this good sites and scams list of reviews of sites that are real and not so real. An older woman looking for youthfulness in a younger man will more than likely expect exciting and satisfying sex. She will also expect you to be open-minded, and more willing to experiment. At the same time, she will also expect you to understand that she has other priorities in life, and to not get upset when she doesn’t spend all of her free time with you. Things like jealousy do not sit well with older women, so if you’re the jealous type, you might want to work on that as soon as possible. You should also be willing to compromise. Many older women have had enough experience dating that they won’t even bother with you if they feel like you’re the type to want to always be in control.

Willingness to Try New Things

2-axesweetieslargeAnother thing that older women look for when they’re dating younger men is a willingness to try new things. Many older men are set in their ways, and aren’t willing to experiment, especially when it comes to an older woman’s needs. While some of this deals with sex, this is not always the case. Things simple as trying unusual foods or visiting new places can easily fit into the willingness to try new things category. If there is anything that you absolutely aren’t willing to budge on, make sure you let her know in advance, so that she can suggest alternatives for the two of you. There’s also the best fetish dating sites where you can find reviews to help users make sense of the world because fraud is aplenty. If you’re the type who is most comfortable in jeans and t-shirts, it may be helpful if you have no qualms about getting dressed up every now and then. Don’t be surprised if she wants to do something that you’ve never even considered in the past. Many older women want to try to experience as many things that interest them as possible. If you’re not willing to experience it with them, they will quickly find someone who will.

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Things You’re Doing That Make Him Think That You’re Cheating

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1-cheatingOften time’s men may think that you are fooling around on them without actually bringing their concerns to you. This can happen for many reasons, but most of the time it happens because they don’t know how to approach the subject without worrying that you will get angry with them. When a man thinks his woman is cheating, it usually has a lot to do with both his self-esteem and your inability to realize the things that you are doing that may make him feel like you are cheating on him. To help decrease the chances of him thinking that you are seeing someone behind his back, you should first start to look at some of the things that you are doing that he (and other people) could mistake as surefire signs of cheating.

Getting Defensive When He Asks You Where You’re Going

Women are a lot more independent now than they used to be. While some women don’t mind telling their man where they’re going when they leave the house, others hate telling where they’re going because it makes them feel like they are being required to check in. While some men ask you where you are going as a control thing, most men simply ask you because they want to know that you will be someplace safe. They also want to know where you are (and who you’re with), so that they know where to look for you if anything happens to you. IN this space there are reviews that are for real like this list of top list of websites to use for quick hookups where you can trust rating and comparisons, so he’s probably hanging out there if he’s cheating. Many men realize that you are independent and that you don’t have to answer to anyone. The good ones aren’t trying to keep tabs on you. They are simply doing their best to keep you safe, so try not to be too hard on them when they ask. You don’t have to give them a full itinerary. In fact, if you tell them where you’re going before they ask, you don’t have to worry about them asking you about it at all.

Having Male Friends That He Doesn’t Know About

2-135439-135360Another thing that almost automatically makes a man think that you are cheating on him is by having male friends that he doesn’t know about. As a general rule, men don’t trust other men around their women. If you have male friends that you haven’t told your man about, he may be wondering why you failed to mention them. He may think that you were keeping these males a secret because you have something going on with them. Maybe there are other scams that aren’t good but there’s also the best sites to use for bondage compiled so you can avoid fraud sites. Even if they are nothing more than someone you used to chat with every now and then, don’t forget to tell him about all the male friends that you have (especially the close ones). It will save you a ton of headaches in the future. You should also avoid spending too much time talking about your male coworkers. Whether you’re saying good things, or bad, he’s going to wonder why you keep talking about that coworker of yours. He will then come to his own (and usually wrong) conclusions.

Getting Annoyed or Angry When He Uses Your Cell Phone

3-man-cheating-why-men-cheatOne really big sign to him that you’re cheating (even when you’re not) is that you get upset whenever he uses your cell phone. This does not mean that you shouldn’t be upset if he does something disrespectful such as going through your phone and looking at your recent calls, or checking your text messages. You have every right to be annoyed about this. The problem arises when you get upset just because he uses your phone to do something simple such as make a call from it, or play one of your games.

When you get angry because he used your phone, he will start to think that you have something to hide. This can lead to him doing sneaky things, such as looking through your phone’s messages while you are asleep. If he does this, it will definitely put a strain on the relationship between the two of you.

When you are with a guy, the last thing you want him to think is that you are cheating on him. Don’t give him a reason to be suspicious of you. If you feel like you have to be private for some things, explain it to him so that he’s not assuming that you are purposefully disrespecting him.

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How Should You Proceed with Telling Your Partner That Their Style Sucks

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1-iStock_bad-dresser_bThere are many things you love about your partner. For instance, you love their smiles and the way they make you laugh, the way they dance and sing to songs on the radio or how they bed hair looks like. However, like all relationships, there are some things that you utterly detest about your partner, and for some of you, it’s the way your partner dresses that sends chills down your spine. You may already know what we’re talking about, if your partner has the fashion sense of a particularly dense rock. For instance, your beloved husband wears cargo pants no matter how important the occasion, pairing them with flip flops or sandals. If you’ve met him on an online dating with the explicit purpose of meeting women online for sex you can go back out there onto sites that can be read here and find the best sites that can work for you. Move on. Some of you are dating women who wear baggy sack cloths disguised as clothing, or neon prints that blind your eyes. Either way, you love your partner, but sometimes the way they dress makes it really hard for you to be around them. You want to tell them they look terrible, but you know that that’s not going to work out well for you. What should you do then? We have a few tips.

Use Positive Reinforcement on Your Partner

2-Old-GuyOn the off chance that your partner actually wears something you like, you want to encourage them to keep wearing something similar to that. As such, you should tell them that you like how the outfit looks on them, and you should be as specific as possible. For instance, if you like how her legs look in that black dress, or how his ass looks in those tailored jeans, tell them. They may not be aware of how their outfit affects your mood, so you need to tell them outright that their outfits make you (and your libido) happy. This will subconsciously influence their fashion choices the next time they pick an outfit. For instance, on special occasions such as a birthday or an anniversary, your partner will more likely dress up in something that pleases your eyes, and for them to do so, you need to drop hints about what you would like to see on them. There are so many scams online that if you want to succeed you need to use real sites such as these bdsm dating reviews. Do be patient with your partner, not all of us are endowed with great fashion sense. Sometimes your partner may err out of ignorance, not a malicious desire to embarrass you in public. For important occasions, you can choose to prevent this from happening by shopping for outfits together. That gives you the opportunity to pick your partner’s wardrobe and to bond as a couple. Throw in a few compliments about how lovely they look to get them to wear it. If a shopping trip is not on the cards, at least tell your partner clearly what the dress code is, so he doesn’t turn up wholly under or overdressed.

Shop for Outfits Together

If your partner is reluctant to shop for outfits with you, throw in a few bargains to sweeten the deal. For instance, if he tries out an outfit that you pick out, you have to do the same for him. This makes shopping a fun and flirty experience, which is great if your partners abhor spending time in a shopping mall. The both of you may find new clothes you both like out of the deal, which is always good.

If you really like how a piece of clothing looks on your partner, you should buy it. That way, your partner actually owns a piece of clothing that you like to see on them, and it is a good souvenir of the shopping trip. Not to mention, it gives your partner a reference for future clothing purchases.

Don’t Be Overbearing When It Comes to Your Partner’s Clothes

You may detest your partner’s fashion sense, but that doesn’t mean you have to straight-up tell them that they look horrible. No matter how good-natured your partner is, something like that is definitely going to hurt. Remember, both common sense and every episode of Friends tell you the same thing: the more you try to tell someone how to behave, the more likely it backfires.

Nobody likes being told what to do, and your partner is no exception. Only offer your opinion when they ask for it, and even then, please don’t be so cutting. Make sure your opinion is wanted before you push your fashion sense onto your partner. Just take it easy and focus on your partner’s good traits instead of their terrible fashion sense.

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How to Get a Jealous Single Parent Girl to Stop Worrying So Much

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1-jealousSome women can be jealous. Sometimes some of these women are just insecure. Other times, they’ve been hurt in the past so badly that they have a hard time trusting other people. If you happen to be in a relationship with one of these types of women, you may feel like there is nothing that you can do that will help her relax, and stop worrying about whether or not you will cheat. The truth is that while it can be tricky to get a jealous woman to calm down, it is definitely not impossible. You can most certainly convince your lady to stop worrying, but it will take a little bit of effort and encouragement on your part.

Pay More Attention to Her

Usually a woman gets jealous because she feels like you aren’t paying enough attention to her. If your lady seems to be jealous over just about everything you do (and who you do it with), there is a high possibility that you are paying enough attention to her. Many times women have to fight for our attention with various things such as sports, video games, work, and our friends. She may feel like she is doing everything she can to get you to notice her only to fail each time. If she’s a single parent and completely topped out you can try other best dating sites for single parents with kids that show those rated high and those that are scams. You can easily tell when a woman starts feeling like this because she will eventually try to involve herself in some of your interests. If your woman has never cared much for sports, but is suddenly asking you a bunch of questions about them, she could be trying to share your interest in sports in hopes that it will impress you, and then cause you to pay a little bit more attention to her. If you notice that your lady seems to want to do anything she can to get a moment of your time, chances are she’s feeling lonely and neglected. Make things right by paying a little bit more attention to her.

Text Her a Few Times When You Go Out with the Guys

2-girljealousAnother quick and painless thing you can do to get jealous women to stop worrying so much is by texting her whenever you are going out with the guys. Many women recognize that it would be selfish to want all of your time to herself, but if you don’t seem to paying much attention to her at all, it can lead her to thinking that you don’t want to be with her. If you want to keep her from thinking like that, remember to send her a couple of text messages when you are out with the guys. For those who don’t know, scams are present everywhere so use these reviews and rankings for sites that are real when hanging out with your buddies. Your text messages don’t have to be about too much in particular. You can simply flirt with her, so that she’s be excited to see you when you get home. Try to text her things that you know she likes to hear, but try to keep from sexting. It will make her wonder where you are.

Answer Your Phone Around Her

One major flaw that men make when their ladies are around is to avoid answering their own phones. This is can be a horrible thing to do, especially when the woman that you are dating has the tendency to get jealous fairly easily. If you are avoiding someone in particular, announce it and let her know beforehand. For example, if you are trying your best to avoid a bill collector, mention to her that the billing company keeps calling you all the time. That way if the phone happens to ring and you ignore it, she will think that you are ignoring a call from a bill collector and not a call from someone else that you are keeping from her.

You also shouldn’t do something like step out of the room to take a call, especially if the room that you’re in isn’t loud or distracting. If you do this, this will almost immediately think that you are doing something behind her back.

Getting a jealous woman to stop worrying so much can be difficult if you don’t put in the necessary steps to convincing her that she has nothing to worry about. Don’t give her a reason to think that you’re doing something that you shouldn’t be doing. When a woman feels like she is secure with herself, (and with her relationship) she often tends to worry a lot less. Give your lady plenty of nice compliments to help her feel good about herself. When you do this, it can help make her realize that you feel just as happy to be with her as she is to be with you.

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How to Get Him to Open up and Communicate Better

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1-commDealing with a boyfriend who won’t open up is never fun for anyone, but it’s difficult to understand how to deal with it. All you want is to get him to communicate with you clearly so that you don’t have to try and guess what’s wrong with him. You’re not really asking him to pour out all his feelings and fears to you in some kind of chick flick moment, but is it so much to ask that he tell you what he’s thinking every now and then? It’s really not, and if you’re dealing with a boyfriend who won’t open up, we have a few tips on how you can finally get him to communicate like a normal human being. Remember that this is something that he has likely been doing his entire life, so it’s not going to be an easy road – but there are ways you may be able to get him to communicate better if you really put in the effort.

Be as Calm and Persuasive as Possible

If you go into the conversation with guns blazing, you’re not going to achieve very much. It’s important to be as calm as you possibly can when you approach him about this type of situation. The more emotional you are about it, the less he will listen. Be very calm and explain to him that the way he communicates is not working out and what he should be doing instead. Try not to be too harsh, but do be firm. It’s important that he understands why the way he communicates – or rather, doesn’t communicate – isn’t conducive to a relationship. If you’ve found him browsing reviews of websites that are real or things like these real fling websites for finding hookups that are apparently the best of the best online, don’t panic. Be persuasive and try to convince him of all the ways he will benefit from communicating clearly. This is important to get him to accept that he needs to make a change in his communication methods. It’s not going to be an easy conversation, but as long as you keep your head clear and don’t try to make it into an accusation, you should be set.

Be Clear about the Benefits

2-couples-comIt’s important to stress the benefits that can come from having a better communication style. Otherwise, he might not feel very interested in changing how he communicates. He might think that you’re just exaggerating or whining. Tell him how much you think your relationship would benefit from clear communication – you’ll be able to figure out what he wants much more easily, which means that he’ll be more satisfied with the relationship, too. If the reviews that are for real were the source of his flinging, the trusted set of sites for flings at least validated and tested that your relationship is in the crapper. After all, communication is key to figuring out what each partner in a relationship wants and expects to get. If he’s not communicating, he might not be happy with the relationship and that could all be fixed if he would just open up a little bit. Being clear about the benefits of open communication is important because it will show him why it’s worth his time to be more open with you. He might not understand that it can really help the relationship flourish, but it will likely only take a little bit of convincing before he clues in.

Don’t Push Too Hard

3-communication-CoupleIf he seems like he’s resisting, don’t continue to push him. We know that it’s frustrating, but sometimes your boyfriend might need quite a while to come to terms with what you’ve told him. If the way he communicates – or rather, doesn’t communicate – is a huge problem for you, then it might not even be something that can be fixed. Either way, just don’t push too hard. If you push him too hard, he will push back and resist it even more. Consider giving it a rest every now and then before bringing it up later. You might have to wear him down or he might just need time to decide why it’s important for him to communicate more clearly. Not all guys can catch on to these types of problems so quickly, so give it some time and see what he thinks before pushing too hard.

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How to Deal with Her Emotions When She’s Pregnant

Posted on June 1, 2016 By

Dealing with a pregnant wife can be extremely difficult for some of us. We’re already worried about her health as well as the baby’s. But then we also have to worry about her fluctuating emotions. Some of us like to joke about how insane our ladies become when they’re on their periods. But pregnancy is on a whole new level. She can go from being angry to sad, from crying to laughing, from being turned on to vomiting in front of your very eyes. It can be a trying time for both of you. And if she choses you as someone to release her emotions on, it can be hell. Luckily, there are a few different things that you can do to help deal with your pregnant partner, and to help yourself as well.


Remind Yourself that It Won’t Last Forever

It’s important to constantly remind yourself that your woman won’t be pregnant forever. Sure, nine months can feel like an eternity, but it’s not. Any time she gets angry for no reason, or goes on one of her crying fits, just tell yourself that she can’t control what’s happening to her. If it makes you deal with it easier, blame it on the baby. It won’t mind. You may have to swallow your pride a few times and apologize for things that you didn’t do just to make her feel better. Consider it as taking one of the team. She’ll probably forget about it a couple of hours later, and so should you. Don’t dwell. All it does it make things more difficult for the two of you. When it finally ends, take to online dating websites like outlined in this set of website reviews that will help on eliminating scams in the dating space for you.

Find Ways to Be Away from Her More Often

1-I’m-Not-Crazy,-I’m-Just-Pregnant-Women-s-T-ShirtsIf your lady is pregnant and driving you crazy, you can use it as an excuse to do some things that you’ve been meaning to do for months. Join a gym and try to release some tension by working out. Not only will it be better for your body, you’ll be preparing yourself to walk around carrying baby carriers and lugging heavy strollers in and out of the car. If you can’t use the gym as a means to escape, pick up a hobby. Spend as much time in the garage as possible. If you don’t have a garage, join some type of club that you know she won’t be into, or one that she won’t be able to participate in due to her pregnancy. If she’s uncooperative, hit up sites for hookups to relax and have some no strings adventures that are easy as all hell if you use the right site but you need to know that scams are everywhere so stick with real sites.

When you begin finding ways to be away from her, it’s important not to let her think that you’re doing it on purpose. Make it seem like you want to go, but then decide against it because you don’t want to leave her. Chances are she’ll feel guilty and will encourage you to do what you want to do. Try not to appear to excited about it. Tell her to call you if she needs you, so that she knows you’re only doing this because she told you it was OK.

Help Her Relax

2-pregnant-womanAnother thing that you want to do is find ways to help her relax. Being pregnant is hard on a woman’s body, and a lot of her complaints are more than valid. Don’t ignore her when she tells you that her feet her. Rub them for her. If she’s complaining about feeling worn out and tired, run her a nice bath and let her relax. Scrub her back if she needs you to. In other words, make her feel like she’s being pampered. She will appreciate it, and it’ll lessen her chances of her screaming at you over the smallest thing.

Dealing with your pregnant woman can definitely be tough, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. The trick is finding what calms her (and you) and focusing on them more than you have ever before. If you do this, you can make sure that the two of you stay sane, and that your baby is born into a happy household.

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How to Make Your Plus Sized Lady Feel Like a Queen

Posted on May 30, 2016 By

1Making your plus sized lady feel like a queen is extremely easy. Even the most confident plus size women still need to feel like you still find them beautiful, and that you enjoy spending time with them. There are several ways to make your big and beautiful lady feel like a queen, and the best part is that both of you will be rewarded for it. You will make her feel good about herself, and her feeling good about herself should also work to make you happy. Not to mention the things you can do to make her happy usually end with some mind-blowing sex.

Get Rid of Those Stereotypical Dates

When you want to let your beautiful plus size lady know that you adore her, stop taking her to those same boring dinner and a movie dates. Even if you’re certain that your lady enjoys eating, there are still other things you can do with her that will show her (and everyone else) that you love her, and being with her. One such date is to take her to an upscale nightclub. Nightclubs are typically filled with people who are trying to look their best to attract someone. Many times plus size women feel like they don’t fit in with the nightclub crowd because of their size. Show your lady that you couldn’t care less about what the nightclub crowd is like, by buying her a new outfit and then taking her out. Older women are a little overweight, but not on the best cougar & jaguar dating sites like those on this list of reviews you can trust. When the two of you enter the club, you need to be oozing confidence. Don’t slink in the background like you’re nervous or uncomfortable about being there. If you do, people will assume that you are embarrassed to be seen with her. Hold her hand, or place your hand on the small of her back, and then guide her to a place to sit. Buy her a drink, and flirt with her throughout the night. Don’t be surprised if people stare at you. Pretend as though there is no one else in the room except the two of you. Everyone in the club will be envious of the two of you, and your lady will love every second of it.

Buy Her Sexy Lingerie

2-Plus-Size-Tops-03Another thing you should do to show your plus size lady that you love everything about her is to buy her some sexy lingerie. Some plus size women will stay far away from lingerie because they believe that it is only meant for slimmer women. Do not allow your lady to believe that for a second. There are plenty of online stories, as well as department stores that sell plus size lingerie. Either go in and purchase something for her, or take her with you and let her model everything she likes. Much like lingerie, there are top rated reviews of sites in this list that debunks some of the issues around sites showing places you can find real swingers. If your lady decides that she’s OK with going to the store and modeling lingerie, make sure you give her plenty of compliments. She both needs and wants to know that you find her desirable. Even if you’ve been with her for ten years, she still needs to her a few compliments from you. It helps to ensure her that you’re happy with her, and it also boosts her self-confidence.

Don’t Treat Her Size Like a Fetish

3-61xdVXhTRjL._UY445_Whatever you do, make sure you avoid treating your plus size lady like a fetish. While some plus size women are OK with being treated as fetishes, most of them hate it. If she feels like you’re only with her because of her size, she will eventually leave you. Your lady needs to know that you’re with her for who she is, not for what she looks like. If she decides to start losing weight, support her. Don’t make her feel like losing weight will make her less attractive. It will cause a lot more mental damage to her than you think.

Treating your plus sized lady like a queen should come secondhand to you. If you adore her, doing these things shouldn’t be too difficult. You may need to save up, or work a few hours at the office, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. Trust us.

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The Best Ways to Introduce Your New Love to Your Folks

Posted on May 28, 2016 By

1-meetRelationships can fade out and fizzle but every once in a while you find one that you really want to stick with for as long as possible. This means that you might have found the kind of person you want to live with, get married to, settle down with, and progress through life together. Before you do any of those things, though, you should really introduce her to your parents or guardians whoever they may be. If you have contact with your parents then you owe it to them to show off your new love interest. This can be tricky and hard depending on the situation but you can make it through this.

Don’t Dance Around the Issue

If you and your partner really want your family’s blessing then there needs to be 100 percent transparency between the two of you and them. There’s no use in lying on the phone about your significant other, whether it’s about their political affiliation or gender. They’re going to find out some day that your new mate has kids or is actually someone who went to prison for a few years. The more that you hide or dance around a fact about your partner the more your parents will find you suspicious. All you are really doing is making the two of you look extremely guilty. Hopefully you haven’t fallen for scam websites for dating and you used singles sites that work that were well rated and reviewed when meeting your love.

Put on a Dinner for All of You

2-sex-love-life-blogs-smitten-1130_dating_men_meeting_parents_smTo actually introduce your significant other to your folks you have to get everyone together in one place. If your parents are divorced or you only have one viable relative then you might need to split up meetings or just hop on over to their house(s) whenever you like. In the event that you do have parents that are still together and possibly an extended family then it’s best to invite everyone to a dinner or party to get acquainted with one another. Try to plan the venue at your own place so you have a sense of power and dignity there. Going to your mother’s house means that you might feel pressured to play the dutiful child and not the grown up person you really are. There are online dating reviews of top sites that can be trusted where you will find comparisons for your own good.

Plan a Family Vacation

Spending time with your family is definitely harder as you get older and now is the perfect time to rectify that with your new honey or hubby. Plan a little stay away together and see if your folks can come. This works for parents that are split apart that are still on good terms and parents that are still together. Any family that you’d like to include can be thought of. If you don’t have a lot of cash you can find cheap ways to get away but it’s worth it to save up a bit too at least do something special for all of you. Your family will be a lot more comfortable and thankful for you so your partner can rest easy.

Spend a Holiday Together

Visit your parents for a certain holiday. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas but instead pop in on another well celebrated holiday to surprise them and this will make them glad to see you. Bring your new mate over and introduce them to your parents, or your one parent, and start up conversations. Families will general try to be jovial on the holidays so you have some reassurance that things won’t get too ugly.

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Online Dating: 3 Dead Giveaways that He’s Only After Sex

Posted on May 25, 2016 By

1-hookupsOnline dating is either hit or miss for most of us. Sometimes we get lucky and end up meeting someone who is well worth our time. But most of the time, we end up deleting and/or ignoring pointless email addresses from men who are only after sex. There are few things worse than taking time out to chat with a man, and thinking that the two of you may have a possibility at chemistry, only to find out that he was only messaging you because he wants to have sex with you. He doesn’t want to get to know you, or form a relationship with you. He just wants to get laid. Some men have become crafty in hiding this fact until the very last minute, but if you know what you’re looking for, you can pinpoint which guys are only talking to you for sex, and which ones have a genuine interest in you. When reviews that can be seen online show scams to avoid and good sites to use for meeting college girls that need money, you’re in like Flynn.

His Initial Message Mentions How “Sexy” You Are

One dead giveaway that he is only interested in sex with you is when he messages you and mentions how sexy you are. Any message you receive from him that mention the words, ‘sexy,’ ‘hot,’ ‘thick,’ or anything else describing your body should tell you right away what he’s after. When you receive a message like this, you can either delete or ignore it. Or if you want, you can tell him that you know what he’s up to, and let him know that you’re not interested. Usually, he won’t bother applying once he realizes that you know what he’s up to.

He Asks You Questions that Show He Wants to Meet Up Soon

2-hqdefaultAnother sign that he’s just after sex is when all of his messages indicate that he’s ready to meet up without even getting to know you. Usually he will ask you a series of one or two sentence questions that will help him decide if you would be willing to have sex with him. An example of what you can expect when he’s just after sex is asking you questions such as, “Do you drink or smoke?” “Are you OK with being around people who drink and smoke?” “Do you drive?” “What are you doing tonight?” It’s always a bad bet to not use top sites because of reviews you can rely on to know which site are real?. These questions are just his way of finding out if you will be an easy lay or not. Don’t even waste your time answering them. It will eventually lead to him asking if you want to hook up for the night. If you’re bored, you can play around with him and make it seem like you’d be willing to meet up. But know that this type of guy is ONLY looking for sex. He doesn’t want a relationship, and he probably sleeps with multiple people.

He Doesn’t Seem Interested in Getting to Know You

3-craigslist-hookups-mainOne final sign that he’s just after sex is when he doesn’t seem interested in getting to know you at all. Some guys who are only looking for sex will at least pretend that they want to get to know you, but they are few and far between. This type of man will make the entire conversation about him. He will also flirt relentlessly with you even when you make it obvious that you have no desire to flirt with him.

If you’re not sure whether or not he is after sex, or just full of himself, try to take control of the conversation. Talk about your interest and see how he responds. If he’s just after sex, he’ll find a way to turn what you say into an innuendo. If he’s just full of himself, he’ll comment on what you said, but will then move the conversation back to him. All the same, both of these types of men are a waste of your time. Don’t get your hopes up by talking to someone who only wants to have sex with you, unless it is something that you want, too.

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Introducing D/s Into the Bedroom

Posted on May 23, 2016 By

1-largeThe first thing you need to do when you want to introduce D/s (Dominant and submissive) into the bedroom is to discuss things way in advance. Surprise your partner with D/s is a bad idea, especially if you don’t even know if they will be into it or not. You could end up scaring your partner, and you could even end up ruining your relationship. To avoid this, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind.

Make Sure You Discuss Things in Advance

When you first bring up D/s, explain to your partner what it is if they’ve never heard of it. Have a computer, tablet, or smartphone nearby, so that the two of you can read up on it together. You can even purchase books or movies to give you a better explanation of what D/s is, and what is to be expected if the two of you welcome it into your bedroom. If you’ve met using online personals reviews like this list of sites here that have reviewed the best of the best online, you’re in luck. Once you’ve started a discussion about D/s, explain what you want, and have your partner do the same. Reveal what role you want to be in, and ask them to do the same. Keep in mind that just because you may be interested in one role doesn’t mean that your partner won’t be interested in the same role. Both of you may want to play the role of Dom, or both of you may want to play the role of sub. Be willing to compromise, and be open-minded. Try to come to agreement where you each get to take turns if you both want to be in the same role.

Start Out Slowly

2-Dominant1After you’ve gotten everything figured out, it’s time to start exploring. Do yourself a favor and start out slowly. If your partner is new to D/s and has agreed to be submissive for you, don’t abuse their trust and start doing things that the two of you haven’t discussed, or things that your partner might not be ready for. Even if they agreed to some things that may seem a bit advanced, don’t rush into them. Even something like dirty talk can be harmful if your partner isn’t expecting it, or hasn’t mentally prepared for it. You don’t want to end up making them feel bad about themselves. There are so many running scams that steal money that trusted lists can be found here where sites are compared and use only good sites that are real. When you begin, make sure the two of you communicate during your experience. It’s fine to break whatever character you may be in to ask them if they’re OK. Your partner’s safety and happiness is much more important than making things feel “authentic.” The more you talk, the more comfortable you’ll be if you continue to experiment with D/s.

Once you’re finished with your first D/s experience, always be willing to communicate openly and honestly about your experience. If you didn’t like it, be honest and let your partner know. You should also encourage them to be honest with you. The last thing you want to do is keep pushing for experimenting with D/s if your partner hates it. Agree that the two of you will not explore D/s again until after you’ve had a discussion about your first experience.

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